Protecting Retirement Plan Fiduciaries from Investment Liability.

Fiduciary Insight understands that sponsoring a workplace retirement savings plan is most often done with the best of intentions, yet carries a heavy burden of accountability related to investment selection and monitoring.

Thereto, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) defines those individuals or organizations that perform as a fiduciary to employer-sponsored retirement plans, and further sets forth the requisite duties of such parties. So, beyond the overall standards of loyalty and care that are required, a fiduciary must discharge their duties prudently and with the utmost diligence and skill. Learn the Fiduciary Basics

Therefore our Fi401k solutions strive to mitigate the employer’s ancillary obligations that are imposed by the federal government under ERISA – and diminish any corresponding liability. By providing objective reporting around investments held in your company-sponsored qualified retirement plan, Fiduciary Insight supports plan fiduciaries to insulate them from claims of imprudence.

Our Core Principles

Fiduciary Insight provides retirement plan fiduciaries peace of mind by delivering a suite of investment solutions that are based upon three core principles:


Fi401k provides a standardized Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that provides a logical framework for determining the permissible investment alternatives that may be offered within a 401(k) retirement savings plan. By adopting the Fi401k IPS, any plan fiduciary can demonstrate their use of a prudent methodology for determining their plan’s investment options.


Fi401k also provides documented Investment Selection & Review Procedures(ISRP) that, likewise, provide a prudent process by which the plan’s designated investment options are consistently monitored, periodically reviewed and occasionally re-evaluated or replaced. By employing the Fi401k ISRP, any plan fiduciary can demonstrate their diligence around the ongoing monitoring of their plan’s investment options.


Fi401k was founded by retirement services professionals who have over 50 years of combined experience managing investments for workplace retirement savings plans, including professionals who carry the Global Fiduciary Strategist (GFS) and Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst (AIFA) credentials. Fi401k personnel are qualified to perform as an ERISA Fiduciary Adviser.

Our Solutions

Depending on the type of qualified plan a company offers, the needs and wants of the sponsoring employer may vary.  As a result, Fiduciary Insight offers an array of services that are designed to provide any plan with solutions that can be customized to their specifiic objectives.

Investment Comparison & Optimization (IC&O)

The IC&O service is designed for plan fiduciaries who are looking to evaluate their plan’s current investment options for cost reasonableness and performance competitiveness.  By comparing existing investment options versus their institutional equivalents and alternatives that represent greater expense efficiency and/or have demonstrated better historical performance, an IC&O Report enables any fiduciary to effectively benchmark their plan's existing investment options.

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Investment Monitoring & Reporting (IM&R)

The IM&R service is designed for plan fiduciaries who believe they possess the necessary knowledge and sophistication to make their own investment decisions, on behalf of their company-sponsored retirement plan.  Yet, who recognize the need for professional “co-fiduciary” assistance in the design and implementation of a prudent fiduciary investment evaluation process as well as ongoing investment due diligence and objective reporting.

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Investment Management & Oversight (IM&O)

The IM&O service is designed for plan fiduciaries who recognize the need to seek professional investment advice from a outsourced Fiduciary Advisor, who will assume fiduciary responsibility for the selection, monitoring and management of plan's investment options. An IM&O engagement represents a formal appointment of an Investment Manager to the plan - under ERISA 3(38), which effectively transfers responsibility/liability for the prudence of investment management process.

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